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Cool Websites

Published: at 03:00 PM

Here’s a list of websites that I would like to return to. Contact me if you find some other cool websites like the ones here.

I will update the list occasionally.

Ideogram.aiGreat quality AI images 25 free prompt / day
OnlySheetsSell access to your Google Sheets
Railway.appThe best $5 of compute money you can buy on the internet
Cyclic.shEscape infrastructure. Unleash ideas
Fly.ioLaunch Apps Near Users
ZennoPosterAutomate your browser
Fourminutebooks.comBooks summarized
ElephantsqlCheap hosted PostgreSQL
Pocketbase.ioOpen source Backend As a Service in one file
Bootify.ioSpringBoot project boilerplate
AstroThe web framework used for website
WakatimeTime tracking for developers
OsssoftwareOpen Source Software resource
Wifimoneytools.ioGems of resources for wifi money
Kaboomjs.comFun JavaScript game library
Sadservers.comLeetcode but for linux servers
ExcaliburFast whiteboard and diagramming
First100users.comFind your first 100 users for your product
annasarchive.orgFind any book
free-for.devList of free tiers services for devs
termux.devAndroid terminal emulator and Linux environment app
BaserowNo-code open-source alternative to Airtable
Landchad.netBuild your own platforms guides